We Had Guests From University of Debrecen!

Edina Kovács and Zoltan Nagy from Debrecen University visited our department on April 1, 2015 to both discuss joint projects and share their expertise.

Kovács and Nagy together with a team from our department (Prof. S. Gulsecen, Res. Assist. Şebnem Özdemir, Res Assist. Serra Çelik, our students Tuba Uğraş and Mustafa Özcan) attended Erasmus Intensive Programs School in 2013 that was held at Ruzemberok Catholic University (Slovakia). Both researchers are interested in “Education in Smart Cities” and currently they are working on “Learning and Teaching in Smart Schools” and “Children of the Z-generation .

After made a presentation about their university and made a discussion on their working subjects, Kovacs and Nagy visited our university Research Fund and had a chance to talk with Coordinator Prof. Sıddık B. Yarman about future collaboration.