Dear students and valued scholars;

Welcome to Informatics Department’s web site, which is one of the youngest departments of Istanbul University. You will be able to get to know us, our department, and our activities when you visit our web site.

Informatics is a popular subject abroad compared to Turkey. It is defined as “the discipline involved in researching systems and technology designed to gather and store information, processing, categorization and organization of data” by Turkish Institute of Standards. Informatics is also interested in changes technology and its impacts on human life.

Our department was found in 1997 and our masters degree was introduced in 2003. Currently our department has 74 masters, 6 masters (distant education) and 48 PhD students. Our department, which has close relationships with information technology industry, was also able to host various national and international conferences.

Various advantages our department include the following:

Our department has a dynamic structure involved in various multi-disciplinary activities. Our students have also different backgrounds such as mathematics, physics, biology, astronomy, computer science, business administration etc. The students that apply from different programs for our master degree usually are offered a preparatory stage program before they were accepted to the masters degree.

Every year during the beginning of the semester we arrange an orientation program that involves meeting with scholars. That way our students are able to meet our faculty, acquire information on different lectures and select the courses with their advisors.

Because most of our students are already employed in the industry, the schedules of courses are designed to their needs and the lectures are collected in two-three days in a week, so that they would be more flexible.

PhD students are also able to enroll in different lectures offered in various other departments as well based on rules established by the institute. Scientific Research Projects Unit also offers up to 7000 TL for masters and 15.000 TL for PhD students for their thesis. Our department is also involved in various exchange programs such as Erasmus, Farabi and Mevlana that offer various funding for national and international mobility.

Students have also the opportunity to work as part-time students. These students are determined at the beginning of each semester based on objective criteria and responsible for execution of different duties given by faculty for a symbolic amount of financing.

I once again welcome all of our students to this warm education environment. I wish you all success

Sincerely Yours,

Prof. Sevinç GÜLSEÇEN (PhD)

Istanbul University Informatics Department – Chair